A collection of items that have been formative to the creation of FAZEEK, pieces developed in private for personal use by Jackie that have now become loved by many. These pieces represent the artist at work, blurring the lines between art, sculpture and homewares. 

Did you know the first piece of glassware Jackie designed for FAZEEK was the Oil Burner? She sought to create a product that carried an interior space across multiple senses. The inspiration for this then followed to the Balance Vase, a piece so unique that each ball is individually matched to the vase to make it a perfect pair. 

The Geo range of Bowl + Cake Stand are sculptures brought to life; squares and circles that should conflict but are brought together as art; entirely functional pieces that stand alone as adornment. Then there are the Coupes. When we say “the”, we mean it - the iconic wave design created from the inspiration of petals. Many have attempted to copy the wave, but there will only ever be one Coupe in our eyes. It’s symbolises what FAZEEK stands for, and that’s uniqueness.