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Sleek in design and easy to use, FAZEEK’s unique Clear + Amber Oil Burners are a must-have for anyone with an eye for beauty and and a love of fine scents in their home.

To use the oil burner, simply fill the circular vessel three-quarters with water and add eight-ten drops of your favourite essential oil.

Light your tealight candle and sit back to enjoy the illuminated, artisan piece while revelling in its gorgeous aromas.

All burners come with a complimentary soy tealight candle.


Product features

Each FAZEEK piece is delicate, unique and handmade which means you may find some slight variations in shape, colour or finish. We love these unique quirks and it is all part of the beauty of handmade products. All FAZEEK glass pieces are hand-blown and made from high-quality borosilicate glass.

Product size: 9cm wide x 14cm high

Materials and care

To use the oil burner, simply fill the circular vessel three-quarters full with water and add 8 - 10 drops of your favourite FAZEEK essential oil. Light your tealight candle underneath and enjoy.
Always ensure the oil burner water vessel is three-quarters full.
Always use your oil burner on a flat, heat-proof surface. Keep away from flammable objects. Do not move or touch the water vessel once the candle has been lit as it will become hot. Never use more than the recommended amount of pure essential oils. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Our glassware is dishwasher safe but we recommend showing it the love it deserves by washing them by hand.

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